In The Middle Of The Night – Aften Opal & Nicole Aria


After a night of cuddling together, the morning light greets Aften Opal and Nicole Aria, who are spooning in the same bed. Nicole is the first to open her eyes, and can’t help but notice how sexy Aften is at the moment. Aften’s barely wearing anything, and the light of the dawn dances across the curves of her hips and shoulders. Nicole discreetly starts touching herself, letting her imagination run wild at the site of Aften luscious figure a mere few inches from her. Nicole tries to keep her gasps and moans quiet, but before long, Aften realizes what’s going on. But instead of confronting Nicole, Aften naughtily starts touching herself. Soon enough, they both realize what’s happening and decide to come together for some playful sex. They kiss, their tongues intertwined as their hands feel each others’ wet pussies. Their legs wrap around each other’s bodies as they relish the opportunity to turn their midnight dreams into reality.