Lily Starfire & Madison Wilde – ZebraGirls


Lily was on a dating app looking for guys to hook up with. She noticed that none of the guys looked hot to her. She started wondering if she even liked guys anymore. So Lily called in her roommate Madison to ask her how would she know if she liked girls. Madison said that’s easy. Let me kiss you and see if you like it. So Madison gave Lily a deep kiss and Lily seemed to like it. Then Madison asked Lily if she could undress her and play with her huge tits to see if she liked that. Lily seems to love how that felt. Madison seeing that Lily was all about it she went down and started licking Lily’s pussy. Lily ended up having an orgasm and she asked her to eat her pussy from behind. Then after that Lily wanted to taste Madison’s pussy. With Madison guiding Lily on what she liked, Madison had a huge orgasm. Then Madison busted out a vibrator that they both took turns on. Both had huge orgasms and Lily seemed all about girls now.