Cadet Khloe – Freya von Doom, Khloe Kapri, Chloe Temple, Bratty Baybe, Barbie Dracula, Kira Handcock & Estrella


At ease, soldier – it’s a brand-new TeamSkeet Features update! Khloe comes from a family of discipline, drive, and focus. But she isn’t your average Army brat – she’s got an insatiable sexual appetite and is always looking for a good time. When Khloe fails a class, she meets with Mr. Joey one-on-one to see if there is anything she can do to change his mind. Her plan is foiled, and as a circumstance, Khloe has to attend the TeamSkeet Reform School for Rebellious Teens. Even boot camp and the overly demanding drill sergeant Kira aren’t enough to stop Khloe’s lust. Bunkmates Khloe, Freya, and Chloe sneak Jimmy into their room and let the lucky soldier bang them simultaneously. When Memorial Day rolls around, Khloe keeps her goody-two-shoes stepbrother, Parker, from telling her stepdad, Miles, about her failing grades. Khloe sucks Parker’s cock during the pledge, only to be caught by Miles. To keep her sex drive in line once and for all, Miles fucks his stepdaughter along with Parker. It looks like Khloe is a pretty tough cadet, after all!