My Boyfriend The Cheater – Dani Diaz


Danni Diaz has a problem. A big problem. She just caught her boyfriend cheater. He’s one of your friends, too. Now, Dani could get upset. She could cry and yell. Or Dani could get even. With you. Which is why she dragged you over to his house while he’s at work. Dani is going to suck you off. That’s the plan. Because a blowjob isn’t cheating. Everyone knows that! But here’s the thing: Dani loves your cock. A lot. More that her boyfriends. Your big cock makes Dani’s little cunt very wet. So what starts as a “non-sex blowjob” turns into a legit sucking-and-fucking session! Isn’t barely legal Dani beautiful? That’s why it’s so hard to say no to Dani Diaz! Did I mention her tiny, shaved cunt??