Love Who You Love – Eva Brown


Sexy brunette Eva Brown makes sizzling eye contact with Liam Salvatore, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Love Who You Love” begins. She slides the straps of her sheer chemise from her shoulders to expose her beautiful breasts, and strokes herself through her lace panties, then crawls onto the bed to embrace her lover. Straddling Liam, Eva grinds on him seductively, his lips finding her nipples; she moves astride his face and he licks her pussy voraciously, making her gasp with arousal. Dismounting, Eva wraps her lips around Liam’s rigid cock for a sensual blowjob, gazing up at him as she strokes and sucks. She impales herself on his erection cowgirl style and rides energetically, the bedsprings squeaking and her breasts bouncing as she slides up and down until a powerful orgasm sweeps through her trembling body. They switch to missionary, Eva’s fingers on her clit and Liam’s cock driving deep, making her breathless with pleasure. Moving into spoons, Liam fucks Eva with vigorous thrusts, giving her another intense orgasm as he cums inside her sticky pussy.