AV star Miss Chihiro Akino lets her fans choose her next sex act


We are back with our celebration of Chihiro Akino by her fans. It is a special day set aside for her fans to come and enjoy the day with her and get to see her up close. She wants to make sure her super fans are shown how much she appreciates them and so she invites them out for a special experience with her. They play a game today where all her fans have written down on a piece of paper what they would like most like to see her do. All the requests are put in a box and she has to reach in and pull one out. She is very excited to do this as she is not sure what her fans want to see most. She reaches in and pulls out a piece of paper and the words written on it are, “Live Masturbation”. Well this is going to be fun to watch. All her fans are now ready to see her finger her own pussy for them while they all watch. She agrees to this and all her fans get up close so they can watch. Chihiro decides for this request she would feel more comfortable naked so she pulls off her top and then her dress. She leaves her panties on but pulls them over to the side. She reaches down as she spreads her legs and starts to rub her pussy. She is wet and her pussy is excited at all the men watching her. She then pulls off her panties and with one hand on her boob and the other on her pussy starts to moan as she fingers her hot hole. Go watch now!