Birthday Girl’s Request – Avery Black & Chanel Camryn


Chanel Camryn is having a birthday party today, and her best friend Avery Black came over early to help her put up the decorations. Now that the house is all set up, Chanel admits that she had another reason for asking Avery to come early, explaining that her favorite sex toy broke. This means that Chanel hasn’t been able to get a good orgasm lately, and she’s worried that she’ll be too busy feeling horny to enjoy her own birthday party… unless she gets some relief first! Avery is amused, but definitely not against the idea of having sex with Chanel to help her out… what are friends for, right? They kiss and have fun, playful sex, making sure that Chanel is fully satisfied before the other party guests arrive. How’s that for a thoughtful birthday gift?