Grading The Curves – Tiffani Madison


Parker is having trouble with his grades; because who wants to study when goon sessions are an option? His step mom Tiffani, being the great mom that she is, suggest that he should get laid. That would make him less horny and he could study more. She had no idea that Parker can find something wrong with every woman he has ever met like Seinfeld. So she offers to fuck him. He thinks she is messing with him into she pulls out her gigantic tits. Parker jumps at the chance to get those beauties in his mouth. She could see his dick print through his pants at this point. She pulls it out and tries to suck the skin off. Parker fucks his step mom like its his last day at school. Then leaves the biggest load on her chest. Concentrating on school should be alot easier now. Empty balls, clear mind. Or how ever that saying goes.