Airi Mizusawa returns in her old gym uniform to masturbate for her client


Airi Mizusawa is back to go another round in the uniform club. As usual the client has requested that she wear the gym clothes she had when she was younger and in gym class during her high sch00l years. She still fits in them and she looks almost exactly the same as she did back then so it would be easy to mistake her for an actual student. Since the client invited some men to play with her last time she was there he decided that today would be his day to enjoy her. He is getting quite old so he thought it best if he supplied her with some toys that she could use on herself while he watched. He asked her to please leave her uniform on, or at least for the first part of the sessions. She sat down and took the toys and decided she would try one of them first. She lifted her t-shirt and had her tits pop out the bottom so she could play with them while he watched. He was also keen on getting behind her and wrapping his arms around her and grabbing her tits while she used the sex toy on her pussy. She shaved her hole nice and clean and left some hair up top so he would be able to get a good look at her pussy and still have some hair which is his fetish. In Japan a hairy pussy is very desirable so she wanted to make sure she dressed up her pussy very pretty with some hair. He took the sex toy from her and decided that he wanted to use it on her as well. This was the start to a lovely sex session in their private club.