Fuck me Fuck-up – Sophia Deluxe


What’s up, MYLF lovers? Don’t you just love hot blonde milfs like Sophia Deluxe? We truly love her sexy style, so we decided to bring back one of her horniest scenes from the PervMom series. Originally released on February 26, 2021, the story follows Sophia as she tries to help her stepson become a proper fucker. Tony is just a fuck-up and dates only trashy girls, so one day he comes home with a bite on his cock from her bitchy ex. His step-mommy not only kisses it better but also gags with it until her eyes go white. The next day, Sophia overhears Tony fighting with his ex on the phone because he doesn’t know how to go down on her. With tenderness, Sophia guides her boy to properly lick pussy, teaching him to make her moan–the only way to ensure it’s done right! Now a proper fucker, Charles confesses something to Sophia: he has been a screw-up with his ex because he’s been thinking of his stepmom the whole time! Proud, it’s time for Sophia to let her stepson drill her pussy and put into practice all he has learned to celebrate the occasion!