Happy Wife, Happy FreeUse Life – Mayara Lopes


When Peter gets a surprise visit from his ex-wife, Mayara, he isn’t sure how to feel. She needs to use his laundry machine as her apartment building has become a nightmare. Peter is a bit irked at first, but he soon comes around to having Mayara back in the house – especially when he remembers all the wicked freeuse sex he used to have with her. She lets Peter use her body freely, just like in the old days. Mayara has also missed feeling Peter’s cock inside of her at all hours of the day, and having him around again feels comforting. This one-off hookup soon turns into a regular fling, as Mayara keeps coming back and letting Peter use her pussy over and over. Soon, Peter and Mayara are back together, and all is right in the world. She can’t keep away from that dick which just drives her wild.