The Man Of The House’s Pleasure – Ashley Alexander & Madison Blaze


Peter doesn’t pick up the slack around the house and his stepmom Madison and stepsister Ashley are sick of him. They both have crummy jobs and barely any future, so they are fed up with the guy doing nothing and watching his shitty superhero shows. However, everything is about to change when Peter discovers that a long-lost relative of his just passed away and left him a crazy inheritance which he will be receiving in a couple of weeks. When Ashley and Madison catch wind of this, they realize they must do whatever they can to get on his good side to benefit from the inheritance as well. Despite their relationship hasn’t been the best lately, the gals know how to turn things around: with sex! Stepmother and stepsister will try to seduce Peter with their luscious bodies, but they also will have some unfriendly competition to get Peter’s blessing. Nothing is off the table: nasty blowjobs, sex dressed as superheroines, and lots of pussy-pounding!