Case No. 7906289: St. Patrick Fiasco – Mochi Mona & Sophia Sterling


Sophia and Mochi are working on a float for the St. Patty’s Day parade for their school. When the day arrives, they realize that they forgot some last-minute items that might ruin the whole float. As hospitality majors, this parade and their float count for a grade, so the girls need to get it right. In an act of desperation, the girls decide to steal these items from the store, getting caught by Officer Mancini. Dressed in the St. Patrick’s outfit, Sophia and Mochi face the security guard’s questionnaire, trying to play cool. After a while, they try to escape unsuccessfully, so Mike conducts a thorough cavity search on them. Fingering the girls’ pussies, the officer ensures nothing is concealed inside their bodies. Mochi and Sophia get more nervous by the minutes, so they are willing to take any chance they get to walk away without facing the consequences. Crying miserably, they accept to eat Mike’s cock and let him stuff them up in exchange for his silence.