Getting It Warmed Up For Her – Charlie Forde & Lauren Phillips


Lauren Phillips gets a package at the front door and impulsively opens it, not bothering to look at the shipping label. When she opens it, however, she sees that the box contains a dildo. At first she wonders if someone sent it to her as a gift, but then she realizes that this package must be for her roommate, Charlie Forde. Lauren starts to put the sex toy back in the box. However, she finds herself curious to try it out, and after a few seconds of hemming and hawing, decides to take her roommate’s toy for a ‘test drive’. Lauren uses the toy on herself for an enjoyable masturbation session, but eventually Charlie comes home and sees what Lauren is doing. Lauren doesn’t notice Charlie’s presence, and Charlie can’t help but touch herself a little as she continues to watch Lauren masturbate. When Charlie finally decides to confront her, Lauren sheepishly explains that she didn’t realize it was Charlie’s package until after she had already opened it, and then she decided to test the toy out. Charlie suggestively says this is a problem because she wanted to use the toy today, so now Lauren should clean it… with her tongue. Lauren readily agrees, leading to a steamy sex session where Lauren is happy to make up for what she did!