Bad Bella vs Leya Falcon vs London River – EvolvedFightsLez


Today is the Annual Mother’s Day tribute. We have 3 wonderful Mom’s I’d Like to Fight (and fuck). London River has the most mat time out of these three lesbian MILFS, Followed by Leya Falcon with the second most mat time and Finally miss Bad Bella who is making her Debut on the Lesbian edition after having a great first match on the mixed site. Each MILF gets the chance to fight every MILF competing today, The first round is London vs. Leya Falcon, the second round is London vs Bad Bella and the last match is Bad Bella vs. Leya. The MILF who has the most wins is the absolute winner. The two who lose their matches fight each other to determine, second place ( which really just is the first loser) and third place ( which is the biggest loser). The Biggest loser gets two dicks from the MILFS who beat her. The second place brat gets some dick as well and the winner thinks she’s getting off without getting fucked but the two loser drag her back on the mat for face fucking and tribbing. This match is a wonderful exhibition of Big tittied Blond MILFS, trash talking each other and haviing fun fucking.