Morning Powder and Breakfast – Marina Gold


Last night, after an impromptu dinner and a long talk that took us into the early hours of the morning, my great friend Marina Gold decided to spend the night at my house and stay the night, so I had no choice but to share my bed with her. . You already know what happens in these cases, the touch makes the affection… and I woke up with the tent up…. so I tried an approach… and Marina is always receptive! Without a doubt, one of the great pleasures in life is the morning fuck, just woke up and getting it hot! The thing is that you have to be very careful because half asleep, it’s too easy to take the wrong hole… hohohoho and he almost screwed the beautiful Peruvian girl! Watch out for the great fuck that is short, but very intense! In the end, Marina has taken advantage of all my cum to start Sunday with an extra calcium! Tremendous cum inside her mouth… and like she always swallows every last drop!