Let’s Keep The Tradition Going – Daisy Lavoy


It’s Daisy’s 18th birthday, which means it’s time to follow a long-running family tradition. Daisy learns from her stepdad, Peter, all about the tradition they are supposed to uphold. Essentially, you pick someone to have sex with to keep the family close and learn about sex from them. Daisy is bewildered by what her stepdad is telling her – things get even weirder when Peter explains they need to have sex before midnight. Daisy’s boyfriend is in town, and she told him he could stay with her at her stepdad’s house. Now, Peter and Daisy have to find a way to bang in secret to keep the tradition going. For the rest of the day, Peter and Daisy sneak around the house, getting into all sorts of sexual antics while Salvi is hot on their trail. Peter fucks his stepdaughter while her boyfriend sleeps next to her. They have to be extra careful not to wake him, so Daisy has to hold in her moans. It’s hard not to exclaim in delight when her stepdad is so deep inside of her, but they fuck hard until Peter can cum for his sweet girl.