More Than A Handy – Xxlayna Marie


It’s not easy for the beautiful Latina Xxlayna Marie to give a dude “just a handy”! I mean just look at her at the beginning of her video. Xxlayna is breathing heavy already, admitting “I don’t know if I can do a handjob with all of this…I could have a lot of fun with your cock!” This is exactly what goes down. Xxlayna has a remind herself “just a handjob — just a handjob” over and over! Even when your dick goes in Xxlayna’s mouth! Even when your dick goes in Xxlayna’s tight little cunt!! And did I mention the “daddy talk” is strong with this one? What’s left after all this action? Xxlayna fires off not one — but two — big loads in her mouth…keeping the first one in as she finishes the job for the second one. A big swallow! But wait…there’s more? There’s always more with Xxlayna Marie!!