Helping My Little Goon – Elisa Bethann


Ethan is in the backyard having a goon session, when he is interrupted by his step mom Elisa. She wonders why someone so handsome has to masturbate his life away instead of actually getting laid. Ethan tells her he has never really been good with girls and porn has always been there. Elisa lets him know that a good step mother is always there in his time of need. So, she decides to help him out and gives him an old fashion. While giving him hand ecstasy, she decides that it would be better to just fuck him. Ethan would very much like that. She slides his rock hard into her, and they both feel each other’s warmth, before he starts to fuck her good, her big tiddys bouncing all over the place as they mix passionate sex, with hardcore fucking. As he is about to climax, Ethan asks where can he cum. Elisa lets him know that a gentleman doesn’t pull out, and he unloads into his step mothers pussy.